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What combination of instruments was used in early blues music

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Q: How many children take music lessons in the US?
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Did ray Charles take any music lessons?

yes he took many music lessons

How many children take piano lessons in china?


I need info on swimming lessons in the Atlanta area.?

There are many different parks that you can take your children to in Atlanta to have swimming lessons. There are also different gyms that you can take your children to learn swimming lessons.

Where can you take music lessons?

you can go to take lessons or you can go to yamaha but mostly take lessons are much better. you can do any instrument and you can do even singing lessons they also have rents on instrument so go on take lessons or yamaha

Where did Einstein take music lessons?

Idkwho knows

Where can you take piano lessons in st Thomas Ontario?

The Central Academy of Music has many fine, fully qualified music teachers.

Where do we go to take guitars lessons?

Music store/school

Where to go to take guitar lessons?

Music store/school

Did Justin bieber take music lessons?

He was playing when he was only little and yes he did get music lessons but mostly, Justin taught himself how to play the instruments that he can.

What lessons do french children take in school?

they do all the same lessons as us but for a longer period of time

Where can I find percussion lessons?

If you believe youre stage worthy, then we suggest you first develop you knowledge and background in music as any talented musician would. With that in mind, we recommend that you enroll in our Chicago music lessons with one of our certified Take Lessons music teachers.

What's the average cost to take guitar music lessons?

The average cost of guitar lessons is about fifty dollars a lesson. You can take free lessons online. I would decided how you learn best and take that approach to learn the guitar.

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