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He has only won one award, the teen choice award. He has been nominated for four. MTV movie award, people's choice award, teen choice award and young artist award.

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2010-01-21 19:12:54
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Q: How many awards has Taylor Lautner won?
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What awards have Taylor Lautner won?

Taylor Lautner currently won the best actor on the Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon

Awards Taylor Lautner won at the MTV movie awards?

no. Taylor lautner is NOTHING compared to Robert Pattinson!!!!! :)

Who won favorite movie actor at kids choice awards 2010?

Taylor Lautner

What awards has Taylor Lautner won?

over 1000 believe and by the way Robert pattinson is ugly

How many awards does Taylor Swift have for singing?

Taylor Swift has won 89 awards

How many awards did Kristen Stewart win for new moon?

Kristen was nominated for 8 awards and won a total of 5 awards. These were: BAFTA for Rising Star (won) Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards Cutest Couple: (With Taylor Lautner (won)) (With Robert Pattinson (Nominated)) MTV Movie Awards: Best Female Performance (won) Best KIss (Shared wit hRobet Pattinson (won)) Teen Choice Award - Choice Movie Actress Fantasy (won) Golden Rasberry Awards - Worst Screen Couple: (Shared With Robert Pattinson (Nominated)) (Shared with Taylor Lautner (Nominated))

How many awards has Taylor won?

Nominated 146 times & has won 82 awards.

What awards has Taylor Swift won?

Taylor has also won teen choice awards and best video and album awards and Grammies shes won many other awards as well

How many awards were won by Mildred Taylor?


How many awards has Taylor Swift received?

She has won several awards. At the recent Grammy's she won four!

How many Grammy Awards did Taylor swiftwon?

Taylor Swift has won 6 Grammy Awards so far

How many total awardshas Taylor Swift won?

Taylor Swift won 9 awards in 2009 :)

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