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A clay animation involves the making of clay models of characters or objects to produce 3D animations. Think of films like Wallace and Gromit, or Morph, for example.

A cartoon animation is made up of drawings of characters or objects only.

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2013-08-02 11:52:36
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Q: How is clay animations different to cartoon animation?
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How is 3d animation different form ordinary animation?

What you are describing as 'ordinary' is probably 2D, or cartoon animations; i.e. drawings of characters or objects. A 3D animation, on the other hand, involves clay models, or 3D drawings of characters and objects which are then incorporated into an animation.

How are animations created today?

Animations are created by clay ( wallace and gromet ) Cartoon drawings ( Spongebob )

Where can you find a clay animation?

The best place to find clay animations would be online at the website known as YouTube. It offers user-submitted videos that are usually funny or interesting and very easily browsed.

What kind of animations are Wallace and gromit?


What is the phobia called when you are scared of clay animations?


When was clay animation invented?

clay animation began a short time after the invention of a clay-like substance called plasticine. Plasticine was invented in 1897!

What mayerials do you use for clay animation?

Clay or a certain type of software

What kind of clay do you use for clay animation?

you can use modeling clay, well at least that is what i used

What are the diffrent types of animation?

Hi, Basically, There are more types of animation, but mainly three types of animation. They are: 1. Clay Animation 2. computer Animation 3. Plain Animation

What type of drawings does Tim Burton do?

he does clay animation

Where can you buy clay for clay animation in Columbia MD not modeling clay?

ummm... try Micheals. It has all kinds of art supplies including clay!

What is animation technique?

it;s a fat dude eating hamburger joking animation technique is animation coud be usen by clay and also games and videos

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