How does a tempo sound like?

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A tempo doesn't sound like anything. A tempo is a certain beat to a certain song. Every song's tempo is different. :)

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Q: How does a tempo sound like?
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What does a hemidemisemiquaver sound like?

very fast but dependent in the tempo

What is the fastness and slowness of sound?

tempo?? -_-

Signing in with two different ids on yahoo same time?

Your voice has a tempo or beat to it...your tempo can change and make it sound like there's two people singing. Or you can record on Sound Recorder and Bass 100.

How do you sped up songs and music to make it sound like chipmunks?

In Windows Media Player, you can fast forward the tempo of any song you like and that's it, it will sound like the chipmunks...=)

What song does LegiΓ£o Urbana Tempo Perdido sound like?

The Smiths! not one song in particular, but the guitar is very Jonny Marr-like :-)

What does the French Horn sound like?

it sound kinda like a trumpet but the mouth piece is more "funnel like" so it can go higher easier and it is usually keeping the tempo ( while the trumpet would be the tune or maybe harmony with the clarinets)

What does the tempo cantabile mean?

Its not a tempo. Its an Italian word meaning singable, or song-like.

What is the tempo of wrecking ball song by Miley Cyrus?

I think most people would say "Wrecking Ball" is a medium up-tempo pop song. In other words, it starts in a medium tempo and then when she reaches the chorus, she switches to a more up-tempo sound.

What does the water pump on 1993 Ford Tempo look like?

it looks like a water pump that a 1993 ford tempo has.

What genre is hey soul sister?

I think its supposed to be rock of some kind, but it doesn't really sound like rock to me.Wikipedia describes it as "a mid-tempo pop song."

What is the speed of music?

speed is like to tempo of the piece. if the piece is describing a lazy person not wanting to move then the tempo will be really slow and lazy like

What is the tempo for smells like teen spirit?


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