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First off you will have to have iTunes downloaded on your computer. Then put the disc of music in the disc tray of your computer. iTunes should automatically start ripping the music of the CD onto your iTunes. Next create a playlist and drag the songs from the CDs you want into that playlist. Then on the side toolbar click your iPod name. Then you must select your sync options and check the playlist you want with your music from the CDs. Thanks, always looking to help with questions.

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2011-09-13 06:06:46
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Q: How do you put your CD music on your ipod?
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To put music in an iPod do need a CD?

No, you do not need a CD to put music on your iPod Touch. The individual song just has to be in your iTunes Music library.

Can you put music from your CD to your ipod?

Yes you can.

Can you put ipod type music on a blank CD?

The 'iPod type music' is mp4 formatted music, which can be dragged from iTunes and burned on a blank CD.

Can you get songs from a CD to a iPod?

yes, download music to computer,the put it on the ipod.

How do you download music on your iPod without a CD?

get a CD and put it into your computer and plug your iPod shuffle in and press start and look for music and click on it and download

How do you transfer CD into an iPod and save it on iPod under Artist and song title?

you put the CD in the computer and plug in the ipod then drag the music icon to the ipod one

Do you pay to download music from the computer to your ipod?

No. After you have music, ripped from a CD or purchased from the iTunes Store, you can put it on your iPod for free.

Can you put CD tracks on an iPod?

Yes you can put CD tracks on an ipod. You need to download it to your computer, and then transfer the track to your music library. GOOD LUCK :)

How do you transfer music from your iPod to a CD?

you have to burn the music off your computer to the CD you can put music fromm your iPod to a CD didnt know that and vote for Obama

How can i put music to my music list?

First you need to put your CD into your computer then download it to ITune. Then you plug in your IPod and sync the music onto it. :)

Transfer music from CD to ipod nano?

to transfer the music you just open your music screen where it shows you the songs on the iPod(it comes up when you plug in your iPod to charge) then you put the CD into the computer(where you would put a DVD to watch it) then it will ask you if you want to download that musi onto your iPod you say yes then watch as it stores it onto your iPod

How do you download music to an iPod Nano without itunes?

put one of your Cd's in the computer and drag it onto your ipod. (your ipod needs to be plugged in.)

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