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It depends on if your Mp3 player has it's own software or not. But for the most part you could just navigate to the music folder of the player and drag and drop the music in.

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2007-11-06 09:19:57
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Q: How do you put your CD music on an MP player?
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Can you record downloaded MP 3 music files to CD?


What does a MP 3 player do?

play music

How long is the anti shock memory for the Coby MP-CD521CD Portable CD Player?

The anti shock memory for the Coby MP-CD521CD Portable CD Player is 120 seconds.

What is mp 3 player?

an mp3 player play's music

How do you put a song in the mp6 player?

how i put songs in my mp 6 player

Can you play a MP 3 CD on any CD player?

No. The CD player must be able to read mp3. There are a lot of CD players that can't. The ones that can normally have a label saying so.

Where do you get the music that you put on a MP 3 player?

You can find it on many sites for free, take Beemp3 for example, or you can buy it straight from iTunes. Your preference.

What is an MP 3 player?

it is a music machine that farts songs really loud out the rear end

What kind of display does the Coby MP-CD521CD Portable CD Player have?

It has a small LCD,about half an inch by three inches.

What differences are there between a Sony DNF340 portable CD player and a Coby MP-CD521CD Portable CD player?

The Sony will be more expensive, while the Coby will be a bit cheaper and offer a longer battery life.

What does mp in music mean?

In music words MP means music player. In sheet music (music scores in notation), mp means mezzo piano (moderately soft). In Italian, mezzo means literally half-way, or in the sense of moderately (in-between, neither soft nor loud). Piano, in Italian, means soft. So, mezzo-piano would mean something like moderately soft.

Does the Coby MP-CD521 portable mp3/cd player have a good rating with the anti-skip feature?

The Coby MP-CD521 has received very good reviews for its anti skip function.

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