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you have to go on YouTube and type in..........

how to make lady GaGas hair bow!

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โˆ™ 2010-01-05 11:23:30
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Q: How do you make your hair in a bow like Lady Gaga?
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Why does Lady Gaga look like fifty years old?

Lady Gaga may look Fifty at times because of her make-up and her wigs or hair, Clearly Lady Gaga is not 50 and she is 25 at this current moment.

Waht online site to buy lady gaga costume?

If you would like to get a Lady Gaga costume, I would suggest Ebay or Also, you could get creative and make your own, not forgetting the fun make up and wacky hair!

Does Lady Gaga make some of her clothes?

lady gaga does make some of her close

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Because some people don't like Lady Gaga and they tell lies to make other people dislike her.

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Most people think shes a man, but she isn't. Lady gaga only wears a wig or hair extencions to make her hair longer. It isn't her fault people are saying shes a man - i don't think she is anyway. her hair is just short, but straight type it up on Google images. She is a pretty lady and everyone should acept that.

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umm well i am a boy but ive seen my neighbor do it so you have to like put ur hair in pig tails then you tie them together

When did Lady Gaga make her CD?

Lady Gaga made her new CD 'The Fame' in 2008

Can a little girl wear a Lady Gaga bow?

She can if she's allowed to do so and has the hair to do it. One good thing is that there are bows made of fake hair that you can attach to your own and make it look like it is your hair wrapped into that shape.

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