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Take a pic . Then crop a pic of a celebrity and paste it on your pic

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Q: How do you make fake photos with celebrities?
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Why would people put fake pictures of celebrities?

they put fake photos just to make fun of them sometimes or sometimes they just do it because there fans

Celebrities on Facebook?

yes there are but so many people make 'fake' celebrities that you can never find who is the real one...

Do all celebrities wear make up?

yes they are all fake women

What are some reasons celebs make fake twitter accounts?

Celebrities may make fake twitter accounts, but more often, fake accounts are made about a celebrity. This can be done by using celebrities' names (i.e., Barack Obama) or just about the celebrity (Chuck Norris facts).

How did Lee Harvey Oswald have fake photos?

There is no credible evidence that Oswald had 'fake photos'.

Do you have photos of Billy Ocean's wife Judy?

No, we do not have 'photos of any celebrities.

Photographers who chase celebrities for photos?


How do you make a fake Facebook page?

Your not suppose to make a fake Facebook account. It's not illegal, but its against Facebook rules. And taking other's photos is against the rules, too. People find out about you taking other's photos and WILL report you.

How can you find the real account of celebrity?

See the photos if he/she has so much he/she can't be fake where did he/she find the photos if he/she is fake

Tupac autopsy photos?

are fake

Are most celebrities fake?

pinch one and find out

Where can one view photos of famous celebrities online?

There are plenty of websites on-line where you can find photos of famous celebrities. Some of these could be Magazine pages such as Buzz or OK. Also celebrity fan sites are a good source of photos.

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