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Call bob from bob's pizzaria

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Q: How do you make SpongeBob robot move in the SpongeBob movie?
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How do you make robot SpongeBob to move in SpongeBob PC?


How do you get the spongebob robot to move on chapter 2 of the sponge bob square pants movie the video game?

throw the key on him and then in the main hall make on the menu with the broom funny things,the robot will come and you can go.P.S.the robot won't come if you not throw the key on him

What are gears used for in the Lego robot?

The gear are there to make the robot move. You can make them go fast or slow. This comes with the robot when you buy it.

Where can you watch SpongeBob the movie if im in Australia?

You can move to china

What dance move make you sweat fast?

spongebob for at lest 2 minutes

What do people do to make a robot move?

they ad bolts and screws plus some wires

What are the suggestions for Bicentennial Man movie?

The idea of this movie is really depicting what it would take for technology to advance far enough to make a robot that has a personality, which was a fluke; most likely caused from the daughter of the owner of the robot named Andrew to to jump out of the window. Then to be able to make the robot appear to have skin that is really just multiple molded plastic pieces able to move by the parts that have to make up the face in the machines face. The movie was trying to depict the possibility of turning a robot into a real person that can eventually die but that is not possible. no matter how real a robot looks on the outside it is still a robot internally and can not have a spirit. That being said it can function for practically, forever just by charging it and keeping up the maintenance of the wear and tare.

Where does squidward move to get away form SpongeBob SquarePants?

it is not possible for sqidward to move away from spongebob

How do you make our NXT Lego Robot move in a square?

Type the coordinates into the mindstorms NXT panel.

How long is the move I-Robot?

I, Robot according to IMDB has 115 min.

What is robot manipulation?

Robot manipulation is the system of making a robot Do what you want it to do, and stop doing it when you want it to stop. it involves systems to make the parts of the robot move (mechanical, pneumatic/hydraulic) sensors and sensor calibration, setting safety thresholds and limits.

How do you get sponge bot to move in the SpongeBob SquarePants movie game for the computer?

you click where you want to walk, or double click to run.

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