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Believe it or not, Michael Jackson never had a dance lesson in his life until he was about 35 or 40. He was born with a talent from God and no one can ever take that away from him, even in heaven.

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2010-12-19 16:30:17
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Q: How did Michael Jackson learn to dance?
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What did Michael Jackson learn as he was growing up?

Michael Jackson learned how to sing and dance

Did James Brown teach Michael Jackson to dance?

NO James brown only inspired Michael Jackson to learn how to dance

Did Michael Jackson teach chris brown how to dance?

No, but he might have influence him to learn to dance like Michael.

Were did ciara learn to dance?

She learned to dance by Michael Jackson. She would watch him when she was little....

Was Michael Jackson smart?

Michael Jackson was very smart. He is a choreographer, singer, he wrote songs by his own and he learn the dance moves alone.Michael Jackson was a genius in music, dance and entertainment. He is a true legend!

What can you learn from Michael Jackson?

love! man kind! dance moves!and millions more

Did tanita tikaram teach Michael Jackson to dance?

No, Michael Jackson taught Michael Jackson how to dance. Period. Dot. The End!

Where did Michael Jackson get those dance moves from?

Michael always said, "You can't learn to dance or sing it something you are born with. No one can teach it. It's from the heart."

Does the Michael Jackson game teach you how to dance?

Yes it can teach you how to dance like Michael Jackson

Where did Michael Jackson learn how to sing?

Michael Jackson did not learn how to sing, it was a gift.

Is omarion the King of Dance or Michael Jackson?

Omarion Is The King Of Dance & Michael Jackson Is The King Of Pop

Where can you go to learn more about Michael Jackson?

you can learn more about michael jackson on wikipedia

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