How did Harvey Dent become Two Face?

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In the movie 'The Dark Knight' , Harvey Dent became Two-Face when his face got burned after Batman saved him from the warehouse The Joker had him tied up in .

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Q: How did Harvey Dent become Two Face?
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Related questions

When does Harvey dent become two face in the dark knight?

Half of Harvey's face was burnt when the warehouse he was in blew up. He called himself two face because when he was at Internal Affairs, his nickname was apperantly Two Face- Harvey.

Who is the white knight in the dark knight?

Harvey Dent, who later become Harvey Two Face, it's pretty sad actually...

Did Harvey dent aka the two - face died in the end of movie of christopher nolan the dark knight or not?

Christopher Nolan has gone on the record that Harvey Dent/Two-Face did die at the end of The Dark Knight.

Who is Harvey Dent?

Harvey Dent is the Gotham City District Attorney in the Batman comics. He later becomes the villain Two-Face after being deformed by acid.

Is Harvey Dent two face in batman?

Yes. Harvey Dent used to be the DA of Gotham City. He was actually a friend of Batman. After he became so disfigured from the acid that destroyed half his face, he became insane and developed the Two-Face persona.

What is the real name of the character known as two face in the batman comic?

Harvey Dent.

Who does Batman fight in the second Batman film?

The Joker and Two Face A.K.A Harvey Dent

Who did Tommy lee Jones play in bat man forever?

Two Face/Harvey Dent

Did two face die in batman forever?

Two-Face (Harvey Dent) did die in Batman Forever if you watch Batman and Robin they talk about Two-Face's death.

In the movie the dark knight what did the boys at the police station use to call Harvey dent?

two face

How did two face get half his face burned?

Two-Face (Harvey Dent) got half his face burned off because the Joker tied him up and strapped a bomb on him. Harvey spilled a gas can and rubbed it all over his and clothes. Batman came to save him and untied Harvey. When they got outside, Harvey's face burst into flames.

Who played two face in batman?

when you say batman, if your talking about the dark knight then the actor who plays Harvey dent aka two face is aaron eckhart

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