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The "loudness" of a sound is subjective, that is, it varies by the perception of the individual and cannot be measured. What is 'loud' to one person may not be to another, but increasing the amplitude will make it 'louder' to both of them.

You can measure the amplitude or sound pressure in decibels with a sound pressure level meter. Microphones and eardrums are only sensitive to the sound pressure. Forget the sound intensity.

For more, look here.

Scroll down to related inks and look at "Distance Law".

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Q: How are loudness intensity and amplitude related?
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The loudness of a sound wave is determined by its?

By its amplitude. Really loudness is sound intensity & intensity depends on square of amplitude ie. higher the amplitude higher the intensity which means higher the loudness.

How is the loudness of a sound related to amplitude and intensity?

Loudness is really a subjective measure and is often confused with objective measures in decibel units of sound pressure or sound intensity.

Which wave characteristic is affected by the loudness or the intensity of sound?

The amplitude of the sound wave determines the loudness (intensity).

How does amplitude affect sound?

Amplitude decides the intensity (loudness) of the sound. Intensity is directly proportional to the square of the amplitude of vibration.

Are amplitude and loudness the same?

No- amplitude is the height of the wave..loudness is related to amplitude, but they are not the same

Pitch is to frequency of sound as loudness is to?


How is the loudness related to amplitude?

The higher the amplitude the greater is the psychoacoustic feeling of the loudness.

What is related to amplitude?


Loudness and pitch while intensity and frequency are?

Loudness and pitch means amplitude and frequency.

Amplitude of sound?

The amplitude is related to the loudness of the sound.

How is amplitude related to loudness?

Loudness is the quality of a sound that is the primary psychological correlate of the amplitude of sound (physical strength). It is a feeling, which is neither the sound pressure as field quantity nor the acoustic intensity as energy quantity. Scroll down to related links and look at "Loudness - Wikipedia".

What is the amplitude of a sound wave a measure of?

The amplitude of a sound wave is the measure of the intensity of the sound, such as loudness.

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