How to make money streaming videos?

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Amanda Rivera

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2021-02-17 19:10:11

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Pay per view streaming and streaming videos with ads are some of great experience anyone can enjoy and can earn through these video too. According to StreamingVideoProvider the amount generated through streaming video in 2016 was $37 billion and it is expected that it will surpass $83.4 in 2021. If you want to earn money through streaming videos, join third party streaming hosting providers like StreamingVideoProvider.

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Amanda Zoric

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2021-02-18 21:01:39
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Nandini Ramachandran

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2021-03-22 09:28:54

The most simple way to make money from your live streams is to have your own platform.

If you are experts in a specific niche, then you can definitely build content around that and go live with it on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms.

  1. Run ads during your live stream

  2. Fan donations

  3. Pay per view/subscriptions

  4. Affiliate programs

  5. Brand deals and sponsorships

  6. Sell your merchandise

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Q: How to make money streaming videos?
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