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2011-08-17 19:16:05
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Q: Has Joe Jonas ever broke any bones in his life?
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Did joe Jonas ever save nick Jonas life?


How many bones are broke in the human body in a lifetime?

the average amount of bones broke in a humans life time is a rounded estimate of 2.37

Does Miley Cyrus ever kkissed Cody linley in real life?

I'm not sure if they have kissed in real life but she did date him once but they broke when she spilled she couldn't get over Nick Jonas.

Has Joe Jonas ever stole anything?

no nothing ever in his life

How was life before farme rihanna?

We had sticks and stones which broke our bones and chains and whips excite me.

Why did demi lovato broke up with joe jonas?

the truth is that Joe broke up with Demi because he didn't wanna be with her anymore, it he decided to brake up with her that is how life is.

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This is a stupid question! Everyone has to, its like the way of life!

What were some weaknesses in Bessie Colemans life?

Bessie Coleman broke some bones early in her career but she didn't give up!!)

What is the meaning of the song Turn Right by the Jonas Brothers?

it means that if there is ever a problem in life that you can just turn right into the Jonas brothers arms and the will be there to hold you and to comfort you.

Did Kevin Jonas ever smoke in his life before?

yes he did he smokes 3 packs of cigerattes a day

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They used to date but they broke up during the filming of Camp Rock, though they remain friends.

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