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i havent heard all his songs but some of them do have the n word

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2012-11-28 21:09:16
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Q: Has Eminem Ever siad the n word in his songs?
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Did eminem ever use the n word in one of his songs?

Yes he has, in a old freestyle he says,"his nig Proof" look it up on youtube, "eminem says N word freestyle" AND I have a DVD when he was on his Europe tour, he says it when him and others sing the chorus to a song that have the word in it.

What are songs containing the word stage?

I can't think of many songs by name or artist. But I imagine a lot of Eminem songs do.

Has Eminem ever said the N Word?


What song did eminem say the n word?

Eminem has only used the N word in freestyles that washed up from 1988-1989. He has never used it in any actual songs. And he says it in "Remember Me" In the second part of the chorus.

Does eminem ever say the n word in a song?

No, he said he will never say it. Never did and never will.

Is eminem a crazy dad?

Yes cuz he iz a rapper that says the F-word so many times in his songs and at his daughter!

Does lmfao ever say a swear word in one of there songs?

Yes they do there's a couple of songs that I won't menchan

Has Taylor swift ever said a bad word outside of her songs?


What songs have the word 'sing' in the title?

Sing by Travis Sing A Song of Freedom by Cliff Richard Sing A Song by The Carpenters Sing For Me by Christina Aguilera Sing For The Moment by Eminem

Whats the connection between eminem and slaughterhouse?

Word is that Slaughterhouse will be joining Eminem's Shady records.

Is Eminem a Genderphobe?

Genderphobe isn't a word.

What songs have the word albatross in them?

what songs have the word albatros in it

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