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Yes toddi brown

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Q: Does mc lyte have children if so who is the father?
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Are lil mama and mc lyte related?

i dont think so

Is mc lyte and kandi burress related?

I dnt think so.. but they sure as hell look alike....

Is tichina Arnold with mc lyte?

She had an interview with Essence mag a few years back and they asked her about You've also been under the same fire as Tisha and Duane regarding your sexuality. There have been silly rumors that you left your first husband for MC Lyte and dated her for a few years before hooking up with your daughter's father.T.A.: (Laughs) No, not at all. You know you're not famous until someone accuses you of being gay. I know a lot of people in Hollywood so I can see them making up stuff like that. It doesn't bother me. I pay it no attention.

Does the father have to provide a home for children?

If he is a responsible father he would do so as a matter of course.

Did Hermes children have children?

Hermes is the father of Pan who fathered Iynx with Echo, so, YES.

Why do Michael Jackson's children look so sad?

there father died

Who is the father to Lady Gaga's son?

She has no children, so she doesn't have a son.

What is the name of the Jesus Christ's daughter?

He did not have children he was Holy and had no sins, so no wife No Children... He only had God as his real father.

Is merchant Lyte a real person or a made up character?

in johnny tremain he is...but in real life, i dont think so

What kind of relationship did Steinbeck have with his father?

It was not a fantastic relationship. His father pushed himself away from his children, so they were never very close.

If a mother has full custody of her children does the father have the right to remove his last name from the children?

Do the children have his name on their birth certificate? If so he can do what he wants, but they still have that name. He has to live with it.

Can visitation stop with the father if his new wife the step mother was arrested for assault and battery against the father?

Not necessarily. Unless there is a restraining order in place barring the father from the children, he still has parental rights. If there is an order barring the step mother from the children, then the father still has visitation, but he cannot have them around his wife, nor can he speak about her to the children, or even so much as sign her name on a birthday card for the children.

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