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No, Alice sees a vision that Carlisle dies if Aro will not comply with their wishes to leave Renesmee alone. But they Vulturi comply, and no one dies.

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Q: Does carlisle die in Breaking Dawn?
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Does carlisle and Jasper and jacob die in breaking dawn pt 2?

No, Carlisle, Jacob, or Jasper does not die in Breaking Dawn part 2. During a dream sequence, it does show that Carlisle would die if the fight were to happen.

Does the volturi die in Breaking Dawn?

No the volturi do not die in breaking dawn

Will the cullens die by the volturi in Breaking Dawn?

No, if you read Breaking Dawn, the do not die.

Where in Breaking Dawn does it tell you what Coven Carlise's family belong to?

Carlisle's coven are the Olympic coven. It tells you in the vampire index at the end of breaking dawn.

Who calls Bella on the phone on their honeymoon in breaking dawn?

Her dad rings and Carlisle does tooo

Who killed carslile in breaking dawn part 2?

No one killed Carlisle in Breaking Dawn 2. In a vision that Alice shows Aro, Aro kills Carlisle. Aro decided not to fight when he sees his fate would end as well.

How does Jasper die in Breaking Dawn?

Jasper doesn't die. SPOILER: No one dies in breaking dawn.

Do the Cullens die in Breaking Dawn?

no they do not die

Is Peter facinelli in Breaking Dawn?

He plays Carlisle Cullen the father of Edward Cullen. So yes he does.

Does Jake die in Breaking Dawn?

No. He does not die in Breaking Dawn, he imprints on Renesmee and hopes to live his entire life with Renesmee

Is Dawn a baby in Breaking Dawn?

No, Breaking Dawn is just the title of the book. The baby's name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen. The first name is based on Esme and Renee, middle name is Carlisle and charlies name together.

Does charlie die in Breaking Dawn?


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