Does Orochimaru come back to life?

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yes orochimaru does come back to life

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Q: Does Orochimaru come back to life?
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Why do you think orochimaru came back to life inside kabuto he must have had a role what if he turns good and brings Jiraya back to life my theory?

he does not come back cos orochimaru hated jiraya before he got killed

Why did Orochimaru bring the 4 hokages back to life?

Orochimaru brought the 4 Hokages back to life to give Sasuke the answers he wants.

Does orochimaru come back?

hasn't happened yet I don't know

Does orochimaru come back after kabuto combines with him?

It is not seen, so for now the answer is no.

Does Sasuke ever come back to konoha after he went to orochimaru?

yes, but to destory it

Will the 3rd Hokage come back to life during the war?

no because he got his soul sealed when fighting orochimaru. thats also why naruto's dad didnt come back, he was already sealed inside of naruto

Does the 4 Hokage ever come back to life?

Yes! he just came back to life at chapter 618 of naruto!He and the other three hokages! thanks to orochimaru who used the sealing demon end the edo tensei reborn!

Did they ever get Sasuke back from Orochimaru's control?

Actually Sasuke kills Orochimaru >spoiler<

How does Groudon come back to life?

It will not come back to life.

Will orochimaru die?

yes he gets killed by sasuke,comes back to life then gets sealed away by itachi

Does Sasuke kill oricmaru?

I think you mean Orochimaru and yes, he does. Shortly after meeting up with Naruto's team in Shippuden and shortly confronting them, Orochimaru's body starts to fail him. He's about to switch into Sasuke's body when they fight. Sasuke beats him by using his Sharingan and curse to overpower Orochimaru's will, and absorbs him. SPOILER: Orochimaru is completely killed by Itachi later in his last battle with Sasuke. Orochimaru, however, is seen later on possessing Kabuto. I think he's going to come back by completely taking over Kabuto's body but who knows. That snake always has a way of coming back and making somebody's life miserable.

Does the mayor come back to life after he dies in drawn to life?

no he does not come back to life on drawn to life but he does come back on drawn to life the next chapter.

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