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Yes, he is 16 and has started to go through puberty! If you search Google images for Justin Bieber under arms there is a picture of him in a pool with his arms raised. You can really notice it there!!

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2010-12-22 05:33:43
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Q: Does Justin bieber have hair under his arms photos?
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Does Justin Bieber have ticklish ribs?

I dnt think so bt he is ticklish under his chin, under his feet and under his arms

Dose Justin Bieber shave his arms?

Yeah my bffl does shave his arms lol :)

Has Justin Bieber ever cussed in his songs?

In the song Die In Your Arms he says 'damn' but he hasn't said an actual curse word.

Dose Justin Bieber shave his legs?

He most certainly does. When I go the gym with him, after his workout he asks me to shave his whole body; his legs, arms, chest and pubic hair. After this he asks me to moisturize all his body (even his you know what), I bet girls would pay to do what I do to Justin Bieber. He says he shaves and moisturizes for Selena and so he looks good in his underwear for her, but I think his is secretly gay and wants to be like a girl. So when he comes out of the gym he is completely hair-free smooth.

What made Justin Bieber to sing?

First of all, let me say that I love your grammar. It really represents a main problem in America: the problem of people having grammar that is too correct. The bourgeois of our country has oppressed the proletariat to a point where we are forced to endure numerous hardships. So, brava (I am assuming that you are a girl), brave citizen in arms! Stick it to the man by having incorrect grammar! In response to your question, "What made Justin Bieber to sing?", I can only say that I have no idea. However, I have heard that he once went to a Celine Dion concert and was so inspired by the famous Francophone that he began his beautiful crooning. Thank you, Justin Bieber for to singing. And thank you, questioner, for having the worst grammar, and then posting it to the internet for everyone to see.

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