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No, Voldemort and Harry are circling in the Forbidden Forest. Voldemort casts the killing curse. Hermione and Ron were watching the whole thing. It was about to hit harry when Hermione pushed Harry out of the way, and casts the killing curse at Voldemort. He dies. So technically Hermione defeated him. They all live happily ever after.
Hermione and Ron marry each other and have 2 kids Hugo, and Rose Weasley.
Ginny and Harry get married and have 3 kids. They name them........James, Albus, and Lily.

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Q: Does Harry defeat Voldemort
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How does Harry defeat Voldemort?

Harry disarms Voldemort. Voldemort casts an Avada Kedavra and it backfires on Voldemort. Voldemort dies.

What year did Harry Potter defeat Lord Voldemort?

Harry Potter defeated Voldemort in 1998.

How do you defeat Harry as Voldemort on LEGO Harry Potter?

You have to play in free play, and play as Voldemort to do this.

Does Harry Potter defeat Voldemort?


Did Harry Potter defeat Lord Voldemort?

Yes he did.

How do you defeat Voldemort in Lego Harry Potter?

Defeat all the death eaters then when voldemort gets you keep pressing square

Why does Harry Potter walk into the woods after Voldemort?

He believes that this is necessary to defeat Lord Voldemort.

How did baby Harry Potter defeat Voldemort?

Voldemort cast the Avadra Cadavra curse at Harry and it rebounded back upon Voldemort and gave Harry his scar. So Voldemort was defeated by his own spell.

In the seventh book of Harry Potter does Ginny come with Harry do defeat Voldemort?


How do you defeat Lord Voldemort in LEGO Harry Potter Year 1?

The above video shows you how to defeat Lord Voldemort in LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4.

Why does Harry Voldemort even though he is afraid of him?

Harry comprehends how terrible Voldemort is. The things that make Harry afraid of Voldemort are also the same things that make him realize that he has to be brave and defeat him.

How did Harry defeat lord Voldemort?

Voldemort shot the killing curse at Harry and Harry used a spell to backfire it at him. The killing curse backfired and killed Voldemort, so technically it was suicide.

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