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Q: Do you believe that every child is potential genius?
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Do you believe that every child is a potential genius?


Do you believe that every child is a potential?


What are the odds of someone being born a baby genius?

There is no study to determine the exact odd of someone being born a baby genius. An article from Child Genius Magazine have said that every baby has genius potential if grown up in an environment which stimulates brain growth.

Do you believe that every child is genius why?

Every child is born a genius. It depends what you do after your time of birth that matters. For example you are a mother to a 1 year old baby what you should do is make it familiar with books, math, science ect and that child will keep it genius status. If you leave that child to watch tv, eat and sleep then of course, it won't be as smart as the first baby. I will give you the secret to Genius.You need,30 percent dedication and 70 percent hard work if you are a genius/gifted(in terms of iq). If you are normal which is very likely you need 1 percent genius and 99 percent hard work. Hard work includes dedication, motivation, practice and of course belief. I have an iq of 132. I don't believe im a genius for 1 minute because i know the reason i have that iq is thanks to my parents who guided me the right way. Cheerio!

Do you believe every human being is born with potential to be a virtuous creature?


What has the author Rick Ackerly written?

Rick Ackerly has written: 'The genius in every child' -- subject(s): Motivation in education, Personality development, Motivation (Psychology)

Does Selena Gomez Gomez have a older sister?

No, I believe she's an only child. But i even believe that every older teen actress with her is her older sister

How do you be a genius at everything?

You become a genius at everything when you know and understand every thing perfectly well more than anyone else.....

What are you going to do to become a genius?

To become a genius one must study every subject and become a master of it. Many people suggest reading and learning about Bloom's Taxonomy to help become a genius.

Is a encyclopedia a primary or secondary source?

I believe that a encyclopedia is a secondary source, because the person who wrote it most likely didn't witness every single event in it. __--FROM GENIUS--__

Why did Leonardo da Vinci's family think he was a genius?

he did every thin in his time

What do dogs eat every day?

Seriously? Dogs eat dog food, Genius.

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