Do women like their toes sucked?

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2009-10-10 16:24:21

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Some do, some don't. What a person likes or dislikes is a very individual thing.


Some women do. Some men do also.

i know i like to suck toes

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2009-10-10 16:24:21
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Q: Do women like their toes sucked?
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Do most teen girls or women like to get their toes sucked or licked on?

Teen girls probably do but for women that depends.

Does any women want to have there feet licked and toes sucked?

Most of the girls I have met love to have their toes sucked. I think out of more than 10 girls, only 1 did not like it, and most girls really got turned-on by it.

Do girls like their toes sucked?

they will if they give it a try

Do women get sexually aroused when their feet and toes are sucked?

YES, very aroused

Does Britney Spears like her toes sucked?

She has said that she likes to have her feet kissed, so it would be safe to assume that she likes to have her toes sucked as well.

Why do teen girls like their toes licked and sucked on?

..............THEY DONT......................

Has Rihanna ever had her toes sucked?

No, but she has sucked another girls toes after the girl toe banged her butt with them.

Does Taylor Swift like to have her toes sucked?

Well, I don't know about you but in my head she does.

Do women like having their fingers sucked by men?

Most do, yes, but not all. Try it when she's already feeling receptive and you might be surprised. Don't linger too long, but after, ask her if she liked it. Many women loved to have their TOES sucked as well and it is a more powerful turn-on than the fingers for them. I once knew a woman who would orgasm simply from having her toes sucked. Remember, though, that all women are different, and half the fun is finding out what each likes.

How do you know if girls like their toes sucked?

Experiment. Girls toes are delicate and tickles which gives it that exotic feeling that girl absolutely love.

What would you do if someone sucked your toes?

enjoy it

Do most girls or women like to get their toes sucked or licked?

Many, but perhaps not most. If they don't, they may still like them to be massaged. A woman needs reminding that her feet are able to arouse, either naked or stockinged.

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Do women like having their toes sucked?

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