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yup,they do! Isn't that awsome!?

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2008-12-18 16:28:12
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Q: Do the Jonas brothers write there own music?
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Is Jonas Brothers A Music Composers?

The Jonas Brother's write there own songs. A lot of them.

Who writes the songs for the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers write their own songs

Who writes the Jonas Brothers songs?

The Jonas Brothers write there own songs! The Jonas Brothers write there own songs! Yup! But sometimes Garbo and John Taylor help! ^^

Do the Jonas Brothers play there own music?


Do the Jonas Brothers write their own songs?

Despite constant criticism from audiences around the world, it has been proven that the Jonas brothers write all of their own material.

Why does nick sing on his own?

Nobody knows but Nick Jonas why he sings on his own but it may be that he wants some Independence from his brothers to write and sing his own music.

Who is writing music and lyrics for Jonas brothers songs?

They write there own music and lyrics to every song and every song means something. Some songs are about exs and other stuff. So they write there own music and stuff

Do the Jonas Brothers hate the Naked Brothers Band?

Um NO. The naked brothers band hates jb they proved it to they said jb doesnt write their own songs But every Jonas Brothers fan knows they do write their own songs they do write their own songs. the naked brothes bad isn't even around anymore

What should you know about the Jonas Brothers?

well you should know that~there are three of them (nick joe and Kevin Jonas)~they are brothers ( cute / hott) and write there own music~ they love there fans~have great personalitys~AND YOU SHOULD ATLEAST KNOW ALL THAT OR YOU ARENT CLOSE TO BEING A JONAS BROTHERS TRUE FAN~ ( YET)

Do the Jonas brothers compose their own songs?

Yes, they all write their songs together

Why are the Jonas Brothers so popular?

They write their own songs. Young girls find them attractive.

Who is writer song in Jonas Brothers?

the Jonas brothers work together to write there songs sometimes the whole band help that's really cool because most bands don't write there own songs

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