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They have different types of categories of movies such as: New Arrivals in TV, TV Drama, TV Comedy, Children & Family, Comedy, Action Adventure, New Movie Arrivals, Dramas, Critically Acclaimed Movies, and Thrillers.

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Q: Do Netflix have all types of movies?
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What types of movies does Netflix provide?

Netflix has all types of movies. Most are old. They have comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror, TV show, sitcom, romance, independent films, international, historical, war, and more. They even have inappropriate movies but only by mail. lol.

Will all twilight movies work on Netflix?


What type of movies does Netflix offer?

Netflix offers a variety of movies and TV shows for rent. Some of the types of movies that offer include comedies, classics, action, horror, musicals, and sci-fi.

What types of movies can one rent from Netflix?

Netflix enables its customers to rent a wide range of movies. Its stock includes drama, comedy, action, foreign-language and animated movies. These include both new releases and classics.

Are there any 007 downladable movies on Netflix?

You can't download movies from Netflix.

How do you know what shows will be on Netflix and how often does it change?

You can visit the official Netflix website to see a list of all movies. They change movies often, but have no exact schedule.

Where can you find all of the power rangers dino thunder movies?


How do you see 3d movies on Netflix on the Nintendo 3ds?

Netflix does not yet offer 3D movies. Therefore, Netflix movies viewed on the Nintendo 3DS are displayed in 2D.

How do I know which movies wiI'll be on Netflix Which movies that were in theaters will be coming to netflix?

Netflix will usually release their new movies each month. CNN usually posts a monthly list.

In which site can download movies?

You can download movies from Netflix, or use the NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader to help you download unlimited Netflix movies and TV shows. With NoteBurner, you can save your favorite movies forever, and play them anytime anywhere.

When will Rio be on Netflix?

Netflix gets movies 1 week after the DVD is released not much point in buying the DVD if you have Netflix I use to work for Netflix I know with these type movies

How many movies does Netflix stream?

Endless. Netflix gets new movies to stream every day.

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