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No, because Alice cannot see visions of wolves because she never was a wolf herself. She can see humans because she was one. She can see vampires in her visions very clearly though because she is one. So since she can't see wolves when it comes to her visions, no she did not see a vision about Jacob and Renesmee being together.

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Q: Do Alice see a vision about Jacob and renesmee being together?
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Does Alice see renesmee in the future in breaking dawn?

No, Renesmee blocks her vision the same way Jacob does.

Does twilight's Jacob and renesmee get together?

They imprint when Renesmee is born.

Do renesmee and Jacob stay together?

Jacob imprints on Renesmee after she is born, Jacob takes care of her from small days. So it can be said that they stay together.

Why does Jacob imprint on renesmee?

Jacob had always had a strong atraction to Bella but that was because of Renesmee. Jacob imprinted on Renesmee because they were ment to be together. Even if wolves did not have the ability to imprint Jacob and Renesmee would have ended up together because they are perfect for each other.

How old is edward Alice Bella Emmett Esme Rosalie jasper Jacob carlise and Renesmee all together?

work it outt !!

What happens to Jacob and renesmee?

In Breaking dawn part 2 Alice has a vision of them grown up and on a beach hanging out with Bella and Edward In the book there is no vision but readers can assume that Jacob is going to continue to move around with the Cullens to stay with renesmee. They will be married.

What is renesmee and jacob black's story?

Renesmee and Jacob Black's story was never told. It is assumed that they get together when the child grows up.

Did jacob and renesmee be together in the end of the story breaking dawn?

well renesmee was still a toddler but later in life they will be together

Why were Jacob and Renesmee supposed to be together?

Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. It's a werewolf thing. He randomly imprinted on her, which sort of made him fall in love with her.

Who is the best character in the Twilight Series?

Well it all depends on what you think. I think Edward, Bella, Alice, Renesmee, Jacob, and all the Cullens are awesome!!! best characters are definitely Edward, Bella, Renesmee, Alice, Rosalie, Emmet. JACOB IS NOT AWESOME!!!!!! (someone else) Amen!! Jacob SUCKSS!!!!!

Will renesmee marry Jacob in breaking dawn?

no but she gets imprinted by jacob. and they they end up together

How does Renesmee Jacob get together?

werewolves are said to imprint on other objects. this adoration is stronger than anything and no matter how much someone resists he can not resist in the end. Jacob imprints on Renesmee and since he is much attached to her and shows her his loyalty and love Renesmee is also attached to Jacob from her early moments. both Edward and Bella do not like the fact that they will have to deal with Jacob and Renesmee being together Bella eventually gets over it. she thinks she will have to hand over Renesmee when the fight starts and even though the novel ends out pretty well we can guesstimate that Jacob and Renesmee are together.

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