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No. Johnny Horton had two daughters, Yanina and Melody, with his widow Billie Jean Jones and none with former wife Donna Clark.

The musician Johnny Horton Jr is not apparently related to Johnny Horton. He is a Johnny Horton Tribute Artist according to his Myspace page.

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2010-09-21 15:34:52
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Q: Did johnny horton have a son -johnny jr?
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Who was the mother of Johnny Horton's son Johnny Horton Jr?

Country singer Johnny Horton never had a son. He did have two daughters with his second wife Billie Jean Jones (the widow of the late Hank Williams Jr.) He had no children with his first wife Donna Clark. Johnny Horton Jr. is (I am told) a stage name & not related to the late country singer.

Did Johnny horton have a son Johnny jr?

we don't know why do you people ask us we don't have all the answers to your questions

How old is Johnny Horton Jr.?

The guy claiming to be Johnny Horton Jr. conducted a benefit concert in Farmington, NM on 06/17/2012. During his massacre of the microphone he said he just turned 63 on 06/16/2012. After everything i am reading it sounds like this statement will probably be a lie as well. To answer your question Johnny Horton Jr. does not exist - just a guy claiming to be Johnny Horton Jr. possibly to hide his true identity. Johnny Horton (1925-1960) had two daughters, Yanina and Melody, and an adopted daughter Jeri Lynn.

What was the name of Johnny Horton?

The birth name of Johnny Horton was John Gale Horton.

Doid johnny horton have a son named Tommy?

NO! Johnny Horton had three daughter only. Tommy Horton is a fraud that goes around telling people (depending on where he is and who he is talking to) that he is Johnny Horton's son, cousin, brother, nephew...whatever. He is my ex-huband and started this scam about 5 years ago. His mother was Mary Gwendolyn Horton and his father was Joseph Coyle Horton of Brownwood, Texas. Tommy has one sister, Nancy Childers, who also lives in Brownwood.

What is the birth name of Johnny Horton?

Johnny Horton's birth name is John Gale Horton.

What is Johnny Horton's birthday?

Johnny Horton was born on April 30, 1925.

What nicknames did Johnny Horton go by?

Johnny Horton went by The Singing Fisherman.

What is Johnny horton's birthday?

Johnny Horton was born on April 30, 1925.

When was Johnny Horton born?

Johnny Horton was born on April 30, 1925.

How old was Johnny Horton when he died?

johnny horton was 35 years old when he died.

When did Johnny Horton die?

Johnny Horton died on November 5, 1960 at the age of 35.

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