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No, it flourished during the age of romanticism

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Q: Did dance flounder during the age of romanticism?
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Which type of literature moved away from romanticism and wanted to show life during the Victorian age?

The type of literature that moved away from romanticism and wanted to show life during the Victorian age was known as Medievalism.

What was the age of Romanticism movement in Literature?

The Age of Romanticism movement in literature was at its peek between 1800 - 1850...I Know it but want to know if Romanticism movement started well before 1800?just want to know around when did it start?

What is light romanticism?

A way of evasion for the youth who fight for revolutionary changes is known as romanticism. It is the beginning of a new and better age.

How the lifestyles changed during the jazz age?

It was a social eperiment and invented a dance called the charleston.

What new form of literature emerged during the 18th century?

The new genre of literature was romanticism. It developed as a revolt against the aristocracy of the Industrial Revolution and Age of Enlightenment.

During what age dance became an art form?

middle ages

How old did women have to be to dance in ancient Rome?

They didn't have to be any certain age; anyone could dance. Dancing was most popular during festivals such as the Saturnalia.

What age group is needed to do gumboot dance?

What age is needed to dance gumboots

As a movement Romanticism may be described as?

As a movement, Romanticism may be described as recapturing the essence of the traditions of the classics. It was a rebellion against the Age of Enlightenment since it was a resurgence of medievalism.

What is the difference between the age of reason and the age of romanticism?

intellectual believe in a power of reason science to further human progress

What has the author Cordula Grewe written?

Cordula Grewe has written: 'Painting the sacred in the age of romanticism'

How young can you be before you dance?

Everyone can dance. There is no required age. :)

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