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haha 9 years later and i was trying to find that same answer bro i am a dumb
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Q: Can you give me some examples of alliteration in Star Wars?
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What does anakin give to padme in star wars the phantom menace?

A remembren / membromal.

Is Star Wars knights of the old republic online safe?

Star Wars: the Old Republic is safe in general, although if you want to ensure your safety - remember to not give away and vital information that reveals too much. This includes phone number, location, and sometimes name. It doesn't contain any viruses in general though.

Why is Anakin Skywalker a Jedi Knight in Star Wars The Clone Wars?

He was made a Knight before the new TV series for his actions at Praesitlyn. It's weird because he trains a Padawan but the Jedi Council does not give him the role of MAster. Does that make sense to you?

5 examples of music?

give five examples of music

What is the Star Wars galaxy's name?

So far, no serious attempt has been made to give the galaxy an official name, or how its inhabitants name or refer to it with an astronomical name (the way we refer to our galaxy as 'Milky Way'). Most characters in the Star Wars universe refer to it as merely "The Galaxy". However, the MMORPG Star Wars: Galaxiescomprises several computer servers to accommodate the player population, each representing parallel "galaxies". Each of these "galaxies" is named after famous starships, and while none of these names should really be considered as possible names, it is the closest any official material has come to naming the Star Wars galaxy. These names are: Ahazi, Bloodfin, Bria, Chilastra, Chimaera, Corbantis, Eclipse, FarStar, Flurry, Gorath, Infinity, Intrepid, Kauri, Kettemoor, Lowca, Naritus, Radiant, Scylla, Shadowfire, Starsider, Sunrunner, Tarquinas, Valcyn and Wanderhome.

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