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yes some can be removed but it depends how deap they are.

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Q: Can scratches be removed from a vinyl record?
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How do you remove the scratches off a vinyl record?

I don't believe you can. I have an old Thriller record that i want to remove ssome scratches off of

How do you remove scratches on a vinyl dashboard?

You can purchase a vinyl repair kit to remove the scratches. You can also use silicone to fill in the scratch, and buff it out.

Can minor scratches be removed from stainless steel?

can minor scratches be removed from galvanized metal

What is a vinyl record cover called?

A vinyl record sleeve

How do you cover scratches on vinyl upholstry on a car seat?

put tape on it

How do you remove scratches from concrete?

Scratches can be removed from concrete by sanding them. They can also be removed by applying a thin scratch coat.

How are records made from vinyl?

How a Vinyl Record is made

What is the value of a Thomas A Edison vinyl record?

Is this a vinyl record (has a little flex and give to it) or an acetate (no flex and thicker than a modern record)? The acetate records are very fragile so please don't bend it hard as it will break. Condition is key on any type of record whether vinyl or acetate. If it has lots of scratches and does not have the original sleeve then it has basically no value on the secondary market. If it is in good condition with original sleeve and is a popular title it could be worth $2.00 - $30.00.

What part of a record is vinyl when they refer to vinyl record?

It's all vinyl with a label attached made of paper usually glued to the center.

What was the original vinyl record made of?

The original vinyl record was made of vinyl. The original phonographic recording was made by Thomas A. Edison on a wax cylinder.

How do you remove scratches from plastic?

Scratches can rarely be removed fro plastic. The only way to remove scratches from plastic is to melt the abrasions.

Is vinyl breakable?

Yes. Older records especially can be quite brittle. Record vinyl became more flexible in the 70s, but any vinyl record will break if stressed.

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