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A moose can only kill a lion if it either knocked the lion with those antlers or knocked it with its hooves.

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No, the moose does not live in the same area of the world as the lion. They would never meet in nature.

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Q: Can a moose kill a lion?
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Can a bull kill a lion?

Yes. If a Cape Buffalo can defend itself and kill a lion or two that is trying to kill it, then there is no doubt that a bull (preferably one with horns) will do its best to kill a lion.

Can a gorilla kill a lion?

It could because it is so strong, but most of the time the lion would kill the gorilla.Yes, if it was large enough.

Can a bear kill a moose?

Depends on the bear and the moose. Typically grizzlies and brown bears will hunt and kill moose if and when given the chance. Polar bears won't because moose don't live where polar bears live and vice versa. Black bears may come after a moose if it's large enough, but will primarily hunt moose calves over the adults. Rutting bull moose and cows protecting their calves are not to be messed with, but neither is a hungry, large grizzly or brown bear.

Can 5 rottweilers kill a lion?

They would kill a lion by attacking on the back and on the front like hyenas would. The ones distracting the front would bite the lion's chest, while the ones attacking from the back would bite the lion's stomach.

Who would win lion vs bear?

the bear they are a lot strongerThat depends on what type of bear it is. A black bear would lose, but grizzly's stand more of a chance. However, it is possible for a lion to beat a grizzly. When lions fight, their target is the throat and legs. Breaking the air pipe would suffocate the bear, and damaging It's legs would leave it on the ground, where the lion would kill it. But if the lion attempted that, the bear may kill the lion first.A kodiak bear, grizzly bear, or polar bear could kill a lion, but a lion could kill a black bear.Another AnswerA lion can kill any type of bear because a lion has powerful biting force and great fighting skills.

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