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The Black Stallion in the books and movies was an Arabian.

In the TV series he was an American Quarter Horse. The horse feature in the books and in the movie of the Black Stallion was an Arabian stallion. The horse which appeared in the movie was actually called Cass Ole.

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Q: Black stallion breed
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How much is a Black Stallion?

Depends on what breed your looking at. you dont pay for colour you pay for the breed. My black stallion was given to me.

What breed of horse is the black stallion?


Is the black stallion a breed of horse?

No, black is a colour of a horse. Stallions are a male horse with the balls still attached, they can breed. Geldings cannot. so therefore a black stallion is not a breed.

What was the breed of horse in the movie the black stallion?

There are multiple black stallion movies and Arabian or Friesian is most common.

What breed played The Black Stallion?

a thuroughbred horse

What is the size shape and color of a black stallion horse?

A stallion is a male horse so not a particular breed. A black stallion can therefore be of any size.

What was the black stallion's breed?

Well, the breed in the movie was an arabian. YOu can tell by there dished faces.

What sort of animal was black beauty?

Black Beauty was a black stallion horse of the Arabian breed.

What is the Black Stallion's Scientific name?

All horse breeds have the same taxonomy, it does not change from breed to breed or by the color of the horse. Therefore a black stallion would be Equus ferus Caballus.

The black stallion Absentwho won six Olympic medals for dressage was of what breed?

Absent was an Akhal-Teke stallion.

If you breed a cremello mare to a homozygous black stallion the resulting foal will be?

Buckskin or Smoky Black

What breed was the young black stallion's mom?

The young black stallion's mom was Arabian, of course, because she was so beautiful, and had such a lovely dished face and short back.

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