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Bad guys

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2014-02-01 19:44:08
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Q: Are stormtroopers good guys or bad guys Star Wars?
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Are Stormtroopers in Lego star wars good guys?

No You n00b

What are the bad guys called in star wars?

Sith? Stormtroopers?

What is the name of the evil guys in Star Wars movie?

The empire (instead of clones they hav stormtroopers)

Are the storm troopers in star wars good guys?


Who would win in a battle Star Wars or Star Trek?

The Empire and the Borg The Federation and the Rebels from Star wars are good guys and would become allies in fighting the bad guys.

Where do the good guys in Star Wars live?

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Why would someone like more Star Wars but not Star Trek?

That's just the type of thing that they prefer. The storyline of Star Trek may not appeal to them as much as the storyline of Star Wars. On Star Trek the good guys are not all good, and the bad guys are not all bad. Some people may be uncomfortable with this character shading which mirrors real life, and they prefer the straightforward good versus evil conflict of Star Wars. I think that clever peole like star trek and the rest of you just like the violence in star wars.

Were clone troopers good guys in Star Wars?

The clone troopers are neither good nor bad, in the Star Wars franchise. While, they did bad things they were following their commanders orders and were not doing them out of evil intent..

What is the red guys name in star-wars?

Darth Maul .

Who are the bad guys in Star Wars The Clone Wars animated series?

The Bad Guys are:General Greevias,Count Doocoo,and the Emperor

What are the guys with yellow eyes called in star wars?

They are called Jawas.

What is the black dude's name in star wars?

the guys name was lando

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