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No. Meg and Dia Frampton are no relation to Peter Frampton.

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2011-07-01 22:36:46
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Q: Are Meg and Dia Frampton related to Peter Frampton?
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Do Meg and Dia Frampton have other sibings?

Meg & Dia have younger sisters.I think four to be exact.

Are Meg and Dia Frampton Korean?

Their father is Caucasian and their mother is Korean.

Is Dia frampton and nicholas price dating?

Whoever posted on here before is confused. Meg Frampton and Nick Price are dating and have been for years (not Dia and Nick).

Are Meg and Dia Frampton twins or just sisters?

they are sisters. I went to school with Dia ( I'm 21) and my sister is Meg's age (24) Very sweet girls :)

What year did Meg and Dia form in?

The band Meg & Dia originally formed as a two piece in 2004. The two sisters, Meg and Dia Frampton then joined with three new band members - Eddie Friends, Jon Cash and Alex Kruse - to form Cowards Courage, but reformed under the original name - Meg and Dia.

Dia and meg Frampton how old?

Dia was born at 02nd. October 1987, so she's 22 now.Meg was born at 03rd. April 1985, so she's 24 now.

What are some songs by Meg and Dia?

Meg & Dia were a rock band that featured Dia Frampton a contestant on the reality show The Voice. The band broke up in 2012 but released several albums before then. A couple of their songs include Roses, Indiana, Black Wedding, and Going Away.

What are the genre of meg and dia's songs?

As far as I can tell, Meg and Dia are indie-pop.

Did dia frampton write inventing shadows?

No she did not. It was somebody by the name of Fraser T Smith. All I have to say she does an excellent job singing it. If you want to hear a dong she wrote check Out "Fighting For Nothing" or just check out the entire Group of Meg & Dia.

Are dia and Meg Frampton Mormons?

No. Although they have strong ties to Utah they are not LDS (Mormon). They come from St. George, Utah. Meg lived in Salt Lake City, Utah and attended school at University of Utah. Dia also lives in Salt Lake City. Wiki reads their origin is in Draper, Utah.Meg = AtheistDia = undecided

Are Meg and dia gay?


Whats meg and dia's race?

American and Korean

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