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There is an app on Google play called Manga Pose Tool. It gives you a 3D base that you can place in any position you want. Though this doesn't actually make a character for you it provides a base for you to design your own.

You can also check out the detail guide on how to make anime characters here

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Q: Anime character creator
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Where can you find online an anime character creator?

Kindly check this website

What is the creator of pokemon?

Satoshi Tajiri. The anime character Ash Ketchum, or Satoshi in Japan, was named after him.

What website let you create animated people and items?

The website you go to is games that you can make anime characters is naruto character creator, anime doll maker,create a character,and anime face maker, hope that you like the games that I recamended!

What anime character is named age and what anime is he from?

Age is the main character from the anime Heroic Age.

Who is the creator of the anime show bleach?

Tite Kubo is the creator of the original story (the manga) and the anime show was produced by Studio Pierrot.

Where can you find a naruto character creator game like the south park character creator?

The best site, or the one i recommend you is this one: game is cool , i play it all the timeYeah.. It's really fun! ^-^ Here's a page with a bunch of anime dress-up games: Kitty

Where can I get a good anime character creator?

There are several websites online that allow users to create their own anime characters. You will get to pick out hair style, eye color, and other features to create a special icon to represent you.

How can you become an anime creator?

Yes, but you have to be good with drawing anime, and make a good storyline.

Who is the creator of the anime mamotte lollipop?

Michiyo Kikuta .

Who is the creator of the anime Sailor Moon?

Naeko Takeuchi

Who is the worst anime character?

'Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo' - the character from the anime of the same name .

What anime is chi off of?

Chi is from Chobits , an anime character from the anime series and manga .

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