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All you need is love - beatles

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Q: A song a song a song to make the whole world sing?
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What is the name of the reggae song that goes a song a song a song to make the whole world sing?

Blue world and just throw it in the bagName of the song is "A Song" group is "Chalice" album is "Blasted". Year 1981.

What is the best song to sing for an Peter Pan audition?

'A whole new world' from Aladin

What song did Marian Anderson sing on the March on Washington?

Hes got the whole world in his hands

To make a song come out of ones mouth?

to make a song come out of ones mouth is....................................................... !SING!

Who sings the song a whole new world?

Alladin and Princess jasmine sing it when they are flying on the magic carpet and Alladin shows Jasmine a whole new world outside of her world in the palace

Who sing my world the theme song of Jeff jarrett?

who sing my world the theme song of Jeff jarrett

What song contains sing choir of Angels sing exultation?

The song would be Joy To The World

What song goes in this crazy world and in this crazy life you make me sing?

your my everything by Michael buble

Who sings a whole new world?

Brad Kane (Aladdin) and Lea Salonga (Jasmine) sing "A Whole New World" in the movie; Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle did a duet version of the song.

What is the best song to sing to your sister?

A song that will make her happy sing a song like little nursering rimes

Who sing the song we are the world we are the children?

We are the children of the world

Did lady gaga sing at the Vma's 2010?

yes ,but she didn't sing a whole song she sang a bit of her newest song from her Born to Fly album

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