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Q: 11 essential elements to become a good fighter in arnis?

Answer: Focus on discipline, focus on training, focus on your time, focus on what you are doing, focus on healthy living. Everything will fall into place and you will become a good fighter, physically and mentally prepared. These are the essential elements to becoming a good fighter."

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Dottie Donatti

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2022-03-29 12:36:25
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Q: 11 essential elements to become a good fighter in arnis?
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Bida Kapamilya Ilay Salgo as Himself - Bidang Kapamilya Elmar Salvador as Himself - Commanding Officer, 7th Infantry Division Sharlene San Pedro as Herself - Kapamilya Challenger Giselle Sanchez as Herself - Theater Actress Devon Seron as Belinda Adora Avilina Silvio as Herself - Mother of Lina Romio Silvio as Himself - Brother of Lina Pablo Silvio as Himself - Father of Silvio Joy Siy as Herself - Kapamilya Challenger Rey Solo as Himself - Stunt Director Markki Stroem as Himself - Kapamilya Challenger Richmond Sunga as Himself - Proprietor Marvin Talampas as Himself - Senior Futkalero Louie Tan as Himself - Guest Judge Mely Tapiru as Herself - Bidang Kapamilya Jommy Teotico as Himself - Kapamilya Challenger Marella Torre as Herself - Amateur Boxer Victoria Tuazon as Herself - Bidang Kapamilya Nikki Valdez as Herself - Celebrity Kakampi Wendy Valdez as Herself - Celebrity Kakampi Kesz Valdez as Himself - Bidang Kapamilya Gab Valenciano as himself Gab Valenciano as Himself - Kapamilya Challenger Jesus Valerio as Himself - Isla Pulo Kapitan Erlinda Velasco as Herself - Bida Kapamilya Erlinda Velasco as Herself - Bidang Kapamilya Linda Velasco as Herself - Bidang Kapamilya Vincent Vicencio as Himself - Bidang Kapamilya Iya Villania as Herself - Host Enrico Villanueva as Himself - Basketball Superstar Vanjo Villanueva as Himself - Bidang Kapamilya Marlon Wong as Himself - TXTFIRE Philippines Megan Young as Herself - Kapamilya Challenger Artist Youth of the Philippines as Themselves - Bidang Kapamilya Ramon Zagala as Himself - Chief, AFP Public Affairs Office

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