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write a c program to display


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Q: Write a C program to display a pascal triangle?
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{A program to compute the area of a triangle} {by Ogboin W. Meshach} Var; b,h:real; BEGIN Writeln('Triangle'); Write('Base: '); Readln(base); Write('Height: '); Readln(height); area:=0.5*base*height; Writeln('Area: ', area :0:2); End.

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1 2 3 4 5 6

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write a program that display the Fibonacci series?

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No. Check previous answers to this question and any other questions you may have in your course. Others before you have asked the very same questions.

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Write a program that calculates the area of a triangle in QBASIC

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write a program to display your name age class schoolname e-mail 2hobby based on choice

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. Write the paschal program to compute the area and circumference of the circle while radius(r) is entered by the user

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area of triangle using c language

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if n MOD 2 == 0 THEN Write ("Even");

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To write a C++ program to display the student details using class and array of object.

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