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circuit breaker and fuses used in series to break the circuit in overcurrent situation to block current to flow through circuit.

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Q: Why fuses and circuit breakers are connected in series with the circuit in the panel board?
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Why are fuses and circuit breakers connected in series with the circuit in the panel board?

Fuses and circuit breakers work by breaking the circuit open(cutting the power) if the amp draw through the circuit is too big. For that to happen, it has to be hooked up in series.

What is importance of circuit breakers in sub station?

the circuit board

Where are both parallel and series circuits used?

there are both used in some electronics eg circuit breakers,ring main unit,circuit board.

What is the difference between circuit board and mother board?

mother is the main circuit board of the computer on which all the hardware devices are connected to the supply while circuit board is the circuit which a particular device use and is connected to motherboard

How is current measured in a series circuit?

Current is measured in a series circuit by the use of a multimeter. First, the power source must be attached to the circuit board. The board is attached to the multimeter, then that is attached back to the power source.AnswerCurrent is measured either with an ammeter, or with a multimeter set to measure current. The instrument must be connected in series with the other components in the circuit.

What are the main parts of an electrical panel board and why panel board is used?

circuit breakers and ground connection as far as my knowledge

What is a panelboard?

A panelboard is a term used in the United States for a distribution board, a board containing multiple electrical circuit breakers.

Will a 100 amp breaker box work if there are 5 220 amp breakers and 7 110 breakers?

It will if the 100 amp distribution board is a 20 circuit board. Ten spaces for the 240 volt breakers and seven spaces for the 120 volt breakers. There are two types of 100 amp breaker boards, one rated at 100 percent and the other at 80 percent. Depending on what rating on the panel board you are using will govern the maximum amount of current that can be legally drawn from the board. This breaker board rating will also govern the size of the main breaker installed and the wire size to feed the board, either 100 amp wire or 80 amp wire. The second consideration is what are the connected loads to the breakers, with the total of seventeen breakers, the board can only supply as much amperage as the main breaker will allow.

What type of circuit has thousands of electronic parts connected on a single board?


What is A large printed circuit board to which all other components are connected?


What is the Name for a computer circuit board that enable the computer to be connected to a network?

hub or webramp

The circuitry of the system unit usually is part of or connected to a circuit board called the server?

Part of.

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