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it is called linear ds because the memory allocation of the data in array is contiguous unlike list and trees.the memory is alocatted initially and the elements are fed into it in a linear order till the limit of array is encountered.insertion in between is not possible.

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2012-07-14 10:54:58
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Q: Why array is called as linear data structure?
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Why array is called built in data structure?

listen first of all array is a linear data structure where which store homogeneous data items in a continuous memory and assign a single name to it. so this point of view it uses the concept of data structure for this it is called built in data structure.

Difference between linear n nonlinear data structures?

egs of linear data structure are stack, queue, arrayegs of non linear data structure are graph and treeone thing remember-- array is always a static data structure and link list is always adynamic data structure but others are dependent on array and link list,which is used.

What are the advantages of linear data structure?

A linear data structure like an array saves memory space and also provides faster access to data. A linear linked list provides flexibility in memory allocation.

What is linear arrays in data structure?

A Linear Array is a list of finite number of n homogeneous data elements i.e. the elements of same data types.

What are the different types of data structure?

basically there are two types of data structure, 1) linear : array, stack, queue 2)non linear : linked list, tree...

Is array a Data Structure?

yes an array is a data structure

Is Array a linear data structure?

Conceptually, an array is a fixed size collection. However, a "ragged" array is not a linear one, nor a "matrix". Those 2 maybe thought of an array of arrays, ragged ones are arrays with different lengths, while matrices are arrays of the same length. Depends on the context of the question, an array is linear itself, regardless what kind of elements it contains. But there exists some arrays (I used math term on purposes) that are not "linear" (the ragged, the matrix, the 3-dimensional, 4-, etc.), thus, NOT all Arrays are Linear.

What is linear data structure give in example?

An array of Integers, size 100: int a[100];

Linear and non linear data structure?

linear data structure define as it traverses the data element sequentially in which only one data element can directly be reached. for ex- array , linked list. non linear data structure in which every data item is attached to several other data items in a way that is specific for reflecting relationships. The data items are not sequential structure. Ex: Trees, Graphs

What is linear data structure?

A linear data structure is one in which, while traversing sequentially, we can reach only one element directly from another. Eg- Linked List, Array.2D array, though seems to be non-linear, is actually linear data structure. This is because memory is single dimensional and when it is stored in the memory it is stored as a single dimension array in either row-major or column-major format. Similarly all multi-dimensional arrays are also linear, for the same reason.

What is linear data?

Linear data is the data that can be traversed sequentially like list and array.

Why is array a data structure?

An array is an aggregate of data elements of the same type. It is a data container, therefore it is a data structure.

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