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A data structure is the way you define a certain object in a program language. If you define a data structure for a contact in a contact list, you would have members of that data structure such as name, company, address, phone number, etc. The data structure is defined by what you need the program to keep track of.

An algorithm is a specific way of programming a task to make it work on the data you have. For example, there are many algorithms to sort data in a database of information. An algorithm is a specific way that the programmer writes a program to process the information. Algorithms are unique in the way that the program runs and can be measured by their efficiency in processing the data. The metrics are evaluated by how many computer instructions it takes to calculate the results

A data structure is the identification of how your program doesn't have a bugs, traffic, and errors.

An algorithm is a mathematical way of identifying how does it appears to be in a manner of linear and non-linear way of computation.

on the conclusion:

data structure is the flow of data identified on speed.


algorithm is the computation on the equalities and difference.

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Q: What is difference between a data structure and an algorithm?
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data structure is a way of storing data in a computer so that it can be used efficientlyan algorithm is a sequence of instructions, often used for calculation and data processing.Often a carefully chosen data structure will allow the most efficient algorithm to be used.

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