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classes are user define data types and behave like built-in types of a programming language

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Q: What are user define data types and behave like built-in types of a programming language?
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A set of Rules that define a programming language is called?


What programming language does HTML use?

HTML is not a programming language; it is a Markup language. It is used to define the structure of data in pages. In order to make webpages actually do things it can also work with JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and more.

Define machine language and assembly language?

The lowest-level programming language (except for computers that utilize programmable microcode) Machine languages are the only languages understood by computers.

Define pseudo language?

A pseudo language is a non-specific, conceptual programming language that uses commonly understood programming constructs that can be easily translated into any specific programming language. Pseudo language is typically used to conceptualize algorithms in a commonly understood language without being overly specific or verbose to any one language. This makes the algorithm more accessible to more programmers, regardless of their preferred language.

Define the role of C programming in the development of software?

All operating system are made using c-based language.

Define linear programming?

necessity of linear programming on organization.

What is the name of the curves Adobe Systems used to define shapes in its Postscript programming language?

PostScript is the programming language developed by Adobe Systems to define shapes in outline with lines and curves called Bezier curves. ....create a separate font folder, inside the system font folder, and file each font by its name

What is the difference between xml and c?

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a set of rules for encoding documents. For example, XML can be used to define the rules of a particular file format such as HTML. It is not a programming language. C is a general purpose programming language which is used to write software.

What are computer language translators Define each?

computer language translators are programming tools that translate high level languages into the machine language. they include:1)assembler-translates assembly language into machine language. 2)compiler-translates the high level languages into the machine language.

Define data type?

A data type in a programming language is a set of data with values having predefined characteristics. Examples :- floating point unit number

What does truefalse mean in C programming?

Nothing. You may define them, though: #define true 1 #define false 0

Why is python an object oriented programming language?

I suspect you mean, "What makes Python an OO language?" Well, first of all, you can define objects. But, way beyond that, all of the data types are objects, as well as methods and functions.

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