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open circuit has infinite resistance

short circuit has no resistance at all

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Q: What are approximations of open circuit and short circuit tests?
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What is the purpose of short circuit and open circuit tests in transformers?

Short circuit test gives copper loss and open circuit gives iron losses in a transformer

What are the approximations of open circuit and short circuit tests?

Firstly turn of the power before this test...Using a resistance or continuity tester you should get the following results:Short circuit: Very low resistance (nearly 0 ohms) or the bell will ring.Open circuit: Very high resistance (Somewhere in the range of Mega ohms) or the bell will not ring.The reason for this is because and open circuit has a gap in it (which has high resistance).The short circuit has wires that are crossed and so has a really low resistance.

What is a circuit with no load?

An open circuit or a short-circuit (if that circuit is complete).

What is the purpose of OC and SC tests on single phase transformer?

Open circuit and short circuit tests are performed to determine transformer characteristics. In the case of a single phase transformer, SC tests would be performed to determine the impedance. The open circuit test will give excitation information (% excitation at specific voltages, often 90%, 100% and 110%, and no load losses).

What is the importance of short circuit and open-circuit test?

in short circuit test you can find copper losses and open circuit test you can find iron losses

What is the difference in an open circuit and a short circuit?

an open circuit is a circuit that does not complete the circle. an open circuit does not do the job as the electricity stands still a short circuit is a circuit that wires have crossed and the electricity takes the shortest path. and does not complete all of the points on the circuit

What is meant by an open circuit and short circuit?

Open circuit means the circuit is not continuous . A short circuit is continuous but has a fault connecting between either live to neutral or earth .As result of this we saw that this answer is unsufficent to explain short and open circuit on the other hand you can use this answer also like i did:)

When inductor is called short circuit and open circuit?

In DC inductor is short circuited .

Open circuit and short circuit test?

voltage test

Troubleshooting of an open circuit and a short circuit?

Open circuit , break in cable , continuity Short Circuit , fault between live and earth or neutral , Check with continuity meter and locate

What is more dangerous a short circuit or an open circuit?

Open circuit Because, if there's an open, there could be machinery still running, or voltage still present. Short shuts a cct down.

What is the design value of short circuit ration of generator?

short circuit ratio is the ratio of field current to open short circuit voltage n the open circuit current. its value for thermal is less than hydro type.

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