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Despite a sluggish economy, inflation reached as high as 14.8%, and interest rates reached as high as 18% during the period 1977-1981. By 1985-1990, this contributed to the failure of Savings and Loan associations which had many bad loans, especially in real estate.

Of course, Carter had inherited the general inflationary trend from the Nixon and Ford adminstrations, which saw the beginnings of double-digit levels. President Ford had instituted the generally-ineffective program called WIN (Whip Inflation Now) in October, 1974. However, by November of 1976 the rate had subsided to 4.9% and was 5.2% when Carter took office. Continuous rises brought it to 14.8% in March, 1980, and 11.8% when Carter left office. Since 1982, general inflation has been suppressed below 6.5% and at times has been much lower.

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Q: What was the inflation rate under Jimmy Carter?
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