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Total average pertains to annual revenue. While marginal revenue is equivalent to quarterly profits. The relationship between the two is only that one is the dividend of the other.

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2014-11-20 06:33:40
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Q: What is the relationship between total average and marginal revenue under monopoly with the help of schedule and diagram?
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Relationship between total product marginal product and average product?

Just remember that marginal always leads average. Whatever the marginal product does the average will always do the same soon after.

Discuss equilibrium of a firm under monopoly what are the conditions of equilibrium?

when marginal revenue equal to marginal cost,when marginal cost curve cut marginal revenue curve from the below and when price is greter than average total cost

Draw a diagram with marginal product and average productExplain the relationship between marginal product and average product?

Marginal product is any input in the production process is the increase in the quantity of output obtained from on additional unit of the input. Average product is the output produced when one more unit of the variable factor is employed The relationship is state as: If labour's marginal product is exceed its average product that means labour's average product will be rising. Labour's average product will be falling. If labour's marginal product is less than its average product. If labour's marginal product is equal its average product and the average product will reach the minimum value at the point.

If regulation of a monopoly results in a price equal to marginal cost but price is below average total costs?

efficiency in allocation will be less

What is the relationship between Average variable cost Average fixed cost and marginal cost?

we can subtract the AVC and we will get the MC

Relationship between marginal cost and average total cost?

The cost curves best tells us the relationship between the marginal cost and average total cost. The average fixed cost (AFC) curve will decline as additional units are produced, and continue to decline.

How do you find marginal average cost?

There is marginal cost and there is average cost but a marginal average cost makes no sense.

Relationship between Tota Product Marginal Product and Average Product?

Average Product = (Total Product) / (Labor) Marginal Product(2) = (Total Product)(2) - (Total Product)(1)

What happens when the slope of the total revenue curve is equal to the slope of the total cost curve?

a. monopoly profit is maximized. b. marginal revenue equals marginal cost. c. the marginal cost curve intersects the total average cost curve. d. the total cost curve is at its minimum. e. Both A and B

What is the relationship between marginal product and average product?

1.when tp increases mp decreses. 2.when tp is at his highest point, mp is 0. 3.when tp decreses ,mp becomes negetive. and i have no idea what im talking abouT its dumb they should just give it to guys!

What Relation between marginal cost and average cost?

relation ship between average cost and marginal cost

Marginal product is always decreasing the average product is always above the marginal product?

If average product is decreasing then?

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