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apple is beastin

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Q: What are facts about Apple Inc?
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Is Apple Inc considered and open system company?

Do you believe that Apple Inc.Functions as an open system?

Is Apple Inc a primary secondary or tertiary sector?

Secondary and tertiary

What market structure is apple inc is it monopolistic competition?

I think the market structure of the apple is oligopoly because the firm like apple creating the ipod and iphone is some what few not exceed to 10 also. so, the firm apple applies to oligopoly market structure.

What are apples main business aims and objectives?

Apple Inc's main business aim is to create a product that will serve the world in a positive way :) not to create the human centipad :(

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RankingPSIC 20112010Corporation Namecode11Manila Electric Company4010022Petron Corp.2320034TI (Philiippines) Inc.3220047Nestle Phils. Inc.15999511Malayan Integrated Industries corp.109907110Numonyx Philippines Inc.39440812Phil. Associated Smelting & Refining Corp.2732299Mercury Drug Corp.523101010Chevron Phils. Inc.749991122Banco de oro Unibank, Inc.65910134471SMC Global Power Holdings Corp. And subsidiaries669101415Banco de oro Unibank, Inc.659101513Toshiba Info. Equipment Phils.,Inc.322001623Toyota mOtor Phils. Corp. & subsidiaries341001748Aboiti Power Corp. & subsidiaries312001914Globe Telecom Inc.6420920 - Samsung Electronics Phils. Mnufctrng Corp. & Subsidiaries300022117Zuellig Pharma Corp.514102224Coca-cola Bottlers Phils. Inc.155412311473Coca-cola Bottlers Phils. Inc. & subsidiaries5220625 - National Grid Corp.of the Phils.401002628Metropolitan Bank & Trust Cmpany & subsidiaries659902735Ayala Land Inc. & subsidiaries701902830Bank of the Phil. Islands659102927Supervalue Inc.741403134Unilever phils. Inc.242513233First gas Power Corp.401003338Hhic-Phil. Inc.611003436United laboratories Inc.242413545Puregold Price club Inc.513923758Mitsubishi Motors phils. Corp. & Subsidiaries6694038471San Miguel Energy Corp.453303942Jollibee Foods Corp.749924060Total (philis.) Corp.514104158Mitsubishi Motors Phils. Inc.341004353Team Energy Corp. & Subsidiaries351204428Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company659904550Monde Nissin Corp.156204646Chevron Malampaya Llc.112004757Super Shopping Market Inc.519094959Robinson Supermarket Corp.521125076PTT Phils. Trading Corp.5237051 - Therma Luzon Inc.4000052112Masinloc Power Partners Co. Ltd401005349Rohm Electronics phils. Corp.322005563Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.1554256 - Cpair Holdings Inc.701205786Samsung Electro-Mechanics Phils. Corp319005895ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.921335962Phil. National Bank659106171Hitachi Global storage Technologies Phils. Inc.729006281Republic Cement Corp. & subsidiaries2620063105Steelasia Manufacturing Corp.2811164106Steelasia Manufacturing Corp.& subsidiaries281116569Megaworld Corp.6691067 - PTT Philippines Corp.523706864Union Bank of the Phils.659106961Accenture Inc.723007081Republic Cement Corp. 2424371199AP Renewables Inc.669107387Pepsi-Cola products Phils. Inc.155417484Del monte Phils. Inc.151407570Wyeth Phils. Inc.749907632Philip Morris Phils.Manufacturing Inc.1601077124Coral Bay Nickel Corp.1093079 - The insular life Assurance Company, Ltd. (A domestic Mutual life insurance Company) & subsidiaries6701080108House technology industries Pte. Ltd.3606081126Security Bank Corp.6591082 - Quezon Power Inc.401008385Metro Drug Inc.851128593GMA network, Inc.9213386102Avon Cosmetics Inc.5231387 - The Insular Life Assurance Company Ltd.6701088122Liquigaz Pils. Corp.523708988Hewlett- Packard Phils. Corp.5236291 - China Banking Corp. and Subsidiaries6593092119China Airlines Ltd.6012093135Digitel Mobile phils. 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Inc.34100123136Team Sual Corporation45330124143BPI FamilySavings Bank, Inc.65931125341SM Retail Inc. - 127 - Lufthansa Technik Phils. Inc.- a joint Venture with Microasia Corp.93090128273PRU Life Insurance Corporation of UK67010129178Robinsons Inc.74990130190LPT Marketing Company Inc.52590131165Shell Ags Eastern Inc.52370133300Carmen Copper Corp.24290134174APO Cement Corp.743091351686Sem-Calaca Power Corp.72600136173ACE Hardware Phils. Inc.51434137270SM Dev. Corp.70120139191DMCI Project Developers Inc.70110140301Phi. Axa Life Insurance Corp.67010141264Mitsuba Phils. Corp.50309142179General Milling Corp.15300143 - The Coca-cola export corp. (Inc. in Delaware, U.S.A) Phil. Branch15541145210Cosmos Bottling Corp.52200146180Glaxosmithkline Phils. Inc.51394147189SCADSvcs (S) Pte.Ltd.36010148334SN Aboitiz Power-Magat, Inc.40100149175San Miguel Mills, Inc.15432151 - Watsons Personal Care Stores (Philippines), Inc.74990152187Sanyo Semi Conductor Manufacturing Philippines Corp.32200153283BPI-Philam Life Assurance Corporation67010154181Bayan Telecommunications Holdings Corp.64209155226Smart Broadband Inc.64209157254Asia Brewery Inc.51909158 - Green Core Geothermal Inc.74990159243Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc.35990160171Abbott Laboratories Phils.33111161404Micro Dragon Petroleum Inc.51410163224Solid Cement Corp.26200164297Suzuki Phils. Inc.50309165181Bayan Telecommunications Inc. & Subsidiaries64200166234Metrobank Card Corporation66940167 - Watermark Holdings Inc. & Subsidiary52111169226Smart Broadband Inc.64209170209Standard Chartered Bank65990171232Steag State Power Inc.45203172878Team (Philippines) Energy Corporation40100173147Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc.32200175241Philtrust Bank (Phil Trust Company)65910176155Pilipinas Makro Inc.91200177202Bayan Telecommunications Inc.64209178282Universal Motors Corp.50304179216Atlas Fertilizer Corporation24210181236Jetti Petroleum Inc.52370182 - Manila North Tollways Corp.45202183294Philippine Batteries inc.66940184305Golden Z-5 security % Investigation Agency Inc.92200185255Philippine Telecommunications Investment Corp.66910187318shin-Etsu Magnetics Phils. Inc.31200188239Kepco llijan Corp.51410189299LG Electronics Phils. Inc.30002190176Stmicroelectronics Inc74140191278Trust Int'l paper Corp. & Subsidiaries74303193 - Pacifica21 Holdings Inc. & Subsidiary74990194204Bank of Commerce65990195269Monte Oro Grid Resources Corp.66940196365Unilever Rfm Ice Cream, Inc.15250197 - Telephilippines Incorporated74960199279Zenith Foods Corp.15999200221Malayan Insurance Co. Inc. and Subsidiaries67030201363Unioil Petroleum Phils. Inc.50500202443Tacloban Oil Mills Inc.50500203223Malayan Insurance Co. Inc. 67030205331Siix Logistics Phils. Inc.45330206271Telus International Phils. Inc.91120207 - STI Investments Inc. Subsidiary66910208308Trust International Paper Corp.22229209304Mainstream Business Inc.52190211328Rockwell Land Corp.74309212261Tagum Agricultural Development Company,Inc.1410213276Mercantile Stores Group Inc.52190214520Gokongwei Bros. Foundation, Inc.80590215397GB Distributors Inc.51430217 - First Slp Holdings, Inc. and Subsidiaries74990218340JS Unitrade Merchandise, Inc.52313219379Regan Industrial Sales, Inc.74990220286Southeast Asia Food inc.15999221286Southeast Asia Food Inc. and Subsidiaries15999223321IBM Philippines, Incorporated74990224327Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc.66110225416Toyota Shaw Inc.5012922614325Calaca High Power Corporation74990227214Wistron Infocomm (Phils.) Corp.72900229288House of Investments, Inc.66960230394Phelps Dodge Phils. Energy Products Corp.51909231298MR Serve Corp.66940232 - Rustan Commercial Corporation74990233356Pepsi-Cola Far East Trade Dev. Co. Inc.15541235323Emcor, Incorporated and Subsidiary52330236353Freemont Foods Corp.55210237313Waltermart Ventures Inc52332238542First Philec Solar Corp.36090239376Nat'l Reinsurance Corp. of the Phils.67030241 - Worldventure Commodities Inc.51210242 - Laguna properties Holdings Inc.74990243311Lamco Int'l Trading Co. Inc.72200244346Asian Terminal Inc.74990245385Pacifica Agrivet Supplies Inc.51491247648Kareila Management Corp.74960248483Serendra Inc.70120249492Asian Transmission Corp.35912250333Emcor, Incorporated52330251339San Miguel Yamamura Asia Corp.26102253188Monterey Foods Corp.2290254272RCBC Savings Bank Inc.74990255417Manila Southern Asso. Inc.52190256 - ON Semiconductor Philippines74990257423Phil. Resins Industries Inc.24290259740Furukawa Electric Autoparts Phils. Inc.93090260374Oriental & Motolite Marketing Corp.50303261412C.T. Citimotors Inc.50110262351Bounty Fresh Food Inc.51217263357Phil. Pizza Inc.5521026528115Pioneer Inc.66110266435Bank of Makati Inc.65990267421Canon Marketing Philippines, Inc.52361268401Market Strategic Firm Inc.51319269 - Psi Technologies, Incorporated & subsidiaries74990271335Planters Development Bank & Subsidiaries65932272316Yara Fertilizers Philippines nc.51210273410Household Development Corporation70120274 - Bacnotan Consolidated Industries Inc. and Subsidiaries66940275354PhilippinesSuper Feed Corp.15434277413Ionics Ems Inc.300022781062DMCI Holdings Inc.66940279218638Telcom, Inc.51900280414Avon Products manufacturing Inc.29309281360Shell Shared Services (Asia) B.V.283449SM Land, Inc.66910284480Makati Shangri-La Hotel & Resort, Inc.70120285450Prudential Guarantee and Assurance Inc.68200286 - Asiawide Refreshments Corporation51224287515Amerton Inc.31101289 - Resins Inc. Subsidiaries93090290680RIO Tuba Nickel Mining Corp.10990291359Asia United Bank Corp.65920292396Boehringer Ingelheim (Phils.) Inc.74140293497Littelfuse Phils. Inc.453302951061Indo-Phil. Textile Mills Inc.74990296437Robinsons Handyman Inc.52390297388Value chains solutions, Inc15542298503Century Canning Corp.51216299424S.M.C. Shipping & Lighterage Corp.63110301441TVI Resource Dev. Phils. Inc.28990302539TAO Commodity Trader Inc.51900303446Maxicare Healthcare Corp85122304415South Star Drug Inc.52399305455Alveo Land Corp.74990307409Bayer Phils. Inc.91200308367Digital Telecommunications Phils. Inc.64209309462Petron Marketing Corp.23900310405Resins Inc. and Subsidiaries24123311473Air Material Wing Savings & Loan Association Inc.66110313507Toyyota Pasong Tamo Inc.74140314438Sonic Steel Industries, Inc.74992315426Lunar Steel Corp.74960316418Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals (Phils.) Inc.74990317432Westmont Pharmaceuticals Inc.24241319479Metro MainStar Asia Corp.521103201534Cityland Inc. and subsidiaries74309321431Wrigley Phils. Inc.15912322508Hilmarcs Construction Corporation45203323400Peerless Products Manufacturing Corp.24251325393Sanyo Phils. Inc.70110326461Nutricon Inc.15990327 - Samar Coco Products Mfg. Corp.74990328664Monolith Cons. & Dev. Corp.45203329468Pediatrica Inc.52311331478Business People Inc.52209332 - Philippine Veterans Bank & Subsidiaries74990333459Nutri-Asia Inc.7011033410379Catarman Oil Mills Inc.15800335460Novartis Healthcare Phils. Inc.52311 8,000

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