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Q: What Example of company that practice a monopolistic market?
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What is the meaning of MRTP?

Type your answer here... MRTP (Monopolistic Restrictive Trade Practice) A monopolistic trade practice is essentially a trade practice which represents the abuse of the market power in the production or marketing of goods, or in the provision of services.

Identify and explain the market structure in which the Toyota company is operating?

monopolistic competition

Give an example of a monopolistic market industry?

Sirius Radio and XM Radio

Market structure of Colgate-palmilive company?

market structure of colgate looks more like a monopolistic competition...

Difference between perfect competition and monopolistic competition?

In perfect competition there are no restrictions about new entry or withdraw of existing firm in the market. But in monopolistic competition there are restriction on the new coming and withdrawing company, that mean no firm can enter or exist from the market in monopolistic competition.

What market structure is coca cola enerprises What would be a supply and demand analysis for the company and what kind of impact does government regulations have on the company?

Coca cola is monopolistic company

What is the market structure of Nestle?

Monopolistic competition

What is the market structure of Google?

monopolistic competition

What market structure are gas stations?

monopolistic competition

Is 7-eleven a monopolistic market structure?


Is the fast food industry and oligopoly or monopolistic competion?

The fast-food industry itself is an oligopolistic market, but it operates under the monopolistic competitive market of restaurants in general.

What market structures can exist in a free market?

Oligopoly, Pure competition, Monopolistic competition

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