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No. Fascism means Dictatorship, police state, no freedom of speech. Capitalism can never be truly democratic, but it can function with at least the appearance of democracy.

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Yes !

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Q: Is fascism and democratic capitalism the same?
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Is capitalism a form of fascism?

Capitalism is an economic system, fasism is a poltical system. There have been times in the recent history of capitalism where a bourgeois democratic state is no longer able to protect capitalism, in these times it has been necessary for fascists to assume power to do what bourgeois democracy could not.

What are the similarities and difference between communism and fascism?

Communism: a classless stateless society based on common ownership and production for use. Fascism: an authoritarian variety of capitalism, with wages system, production for sale and no democratic rights.

When was The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism created?

The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism was created in 1982.

Does fascism involve democracy?

NO. Fascism is a dictatorial regime; there is nothing democratic involved.

How does capitalism lead to fascism?

You change the letters but keep the ism at the end.

Does fascism allow for some forms of capitalism?

Fascism is a politcal force that is utilised by the capitalists in times of crisis specifically to defend and protect capitalism, even if some individual capitalists do not like it. It does not allow for capitalism to continue to exist, it defends it so that it may exist.

What is a another way to say capitalism?

Fascism, or economic slavery Personal responsibility

Is US becoming fascist?

Yes, in that Fascism may be (loosely) defined as totalitarian Capitalism.

Is capitalism working for the US?

No, but fascism is doing quite well under the current regime.

Is feudalism and fascism the same?

Feudalism and Fascism are not the same, and are pretty dissimilar.

Similarities between capitalism and fascism?

The term capitalism was invented by Karl Marx. Most people use it today to mean free enterprise. I prefer the term freedom but I will use capitalism here. Under Communism the government owns and controls the means of production. Under Capitalism or free enterprise the people own and control the means of production. Under fascism the people retain ownership but the government takes over controls.

The result of the cold war?

Communism was shown to be inferior to democratic capitalism.

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