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Q: How much will it cost to fill up a 12.7 gallon fuel tank if the cost of gas is 4.19?
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How much does it cost to fill up the gas tank of a dodge Dakota?

That depends on fuel tank size and the cost of fuel. If your Dakota has the 22 gallon tank and gas is $4.00 a gallon that is $88.00 if completely empty.

How much does it cost to fill a plane?

Jet A fuel is roughly at 7.99 a gallon so your looking at about $457,707.15. That's to fuel up a 747 by the way. It depends on the plane

How much does it cost to fill a gas tank in a van?

The cost to fill a gas tank in a van will depend on the rice of gas. The higher the price of gas, the more it will cost to fill the gas tank. You will need to know how many gallons it takes to fill the tank and the price per gallon of fuel. You do the math.

How much does it cost to fill an a320 airbus?

The standard A320 has a fuel capacity of 6,400 US gallons. Jet Fuel is 210.5 cents/gallon (7-Jan-2010), giving a maximum refuelling cost of $13,472.

How much does a gallon of gas cost in the Philippines?

When traveling it is important to know about the cost of fuel. The Cost of a gallon of gas in the Philippines is about $4.87.

How much does one gallon of jet fuel cost?


How much will it cost to drive 1600 miles getting 12miles to the gallon at 3.95 a gallon?

It will cost $526 in fuel costs.

How much does it cost to buy a gallon of gas?

In which country and what grade of fuel

How much did diesel fuel cost in 1969?

3 cents a gallon

How much would it cost to fill up a car at 3.39 dollars a gallon?


How much would you pay to fill up a Honda Civic?

At $3 a gallon, the 13.2 gallon tank of the 2014 Civic would cost $39.60 USD to fill.

How much does plane fuel cost?

The fuel for single eninge planes costs around $5 a gallon.