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Yes, but if your gauge is showing full when it isn't, then it's probably either a bad gauge or a stuck floater in the tank.

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2013-05-18 11:49:18
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Q: Can the gas tank nozzle get blocked so the car thinks tank is full?
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Why does gas nozzle at pump stop when gas tank is empty?

It doesn't. It stops when the tank is full. Assuming you are asking why the gas nozzle shuts off when the tank is full, I am not an engineer but I would guess that there is some type of pressure sensor in the nozzle that reads back pressure coming from the neck of the vehicle fuel tank and when that pressure reaches a certain point, it shuts the nozzle off.

Why can you only get 3 or 4 gals of gas in tank before nozzle trips?

Generally this happens because of the amount of gas flowing from the nozzle. The nozzle "trips" due to back pressure. When the tank is full, gas pushes back on the nozzle and it shuts off. If the amount of fuel coming out of the nozzle fills up the filler tube going to your tank it also will cause back pressure and shut off the nozzle.

1998 Toyota Camry keeps shutting off the nozzle when you try to get gas?

Could be the filler neck hose or tank vent hose is pinched or blocked.

Why does the gas nozzle at all stations click off unless you hold the handle and run real slowly on a 2004 Pontiac Vibe?

DO NOT put the nozzle in full depth, an inch short of full insertion should be sufficient.

What is a nozzle of a fuel pump?

The nozzle of a fuel pump is the part that you stick into the opening of your gas tank.

When pumping gas in the fuel tank how do it know to cut off when full.?

Fuel nozzles used by the public have back-pressure sensing valves which cut them off if the back pressure on the nozzle increases by a small amount. This is intended to sense a full tank, but fuel splashing back from a narrow fuel entry can be enough to switch the nozzle off.

Why can I only pump small amounts of gas at a time into my fuel tank with out it overflowing or the gas pump shutting off as if the tank were full in my 1999 cougar?

pump it slower and pull the nozzle out of tank a little while pumping the gas.

what is the connection OD?

It is a connection that is part of the nozzle of a propane tank.

When you fill up your gas tank why does it constantly stop even if the tank is not full?

You are pumping it in too fast, and it is flowing back toward the nozzle. Try easing up on the trigger and pumping a little bit slower. I have tried that and it doesn't matter how slow I squeeze the nozzle it keeps shutting off. The car is a Hyundai Accent.

What are advantages of nozzle?

It makes it much easier to direct gas into your tank

Why does it take for ever to full it up with gas and twe cant put gas into to it with out the gas pump shutting off every 2 secondson my 2003 vue?

I have a 2003vue also. But it's not the kind of vehicle that's causing that to shut off. It happens in many cars. Here's why...When you put the gas gun nozzle in all the way the gas still has to go down a tube till it reaches the tank. Allot of times the gas splashes back up the tank filler neck causing the nozzle to shut the gas gun off. That's a safety feature on the nozzles so as not to spill gas on the ground when vehicles tanks are full. When I put gas in I don't put the nozzle all the way in, which changes the flow of the gas as it enters the filler neck of the gas tank. as the tank gets full you'll hear the gurgling in the tube. That's the air in the tank being replaces with the fuel. It's pushing the air back out of the tube. Watch when you almost get full the gas will splash back into the nozzle letting you know your almost full. By shutting itself off. I think the tank capacity for a vue is 15 gals. Remember, depending on how much fuel you already have in the tank. It may not take long for gas to come up the nozzle and trigger the auto shut off as the splashes may get into the gas gun nozzle. Hope this helped

How does a wedco model 40730 nozzle work?

The Wedco Nozzle is a CARB compliant spill-proof gas can nozzle. With the nozzle in place you can invert your gas can and it will not leak. Then simply push the nozzle lock and push the nozzle against the rim of the filling throat of the tank you're filling to start the flow of fuel. If you lift the nozzle away from the rim the flow stops.

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