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it depends on whether or not its someone close to you because you cannot take of everyone. Besides I personally would buy a udes luxury car

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Q: Are you acting immorally by buying a luxury car while others are starving?
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What are the release dates for Moment of Luxury - 2008 Collecting and Buying at Auctions?

Moment of Luxury - 2008 Collecting and Buying at Auctions was released on: USA: 8 October 2009

Explain how the buying process for a product like soap would be different from the buying process for a luxury or durable item such as a car?

Explain how the buying process for a product like soap would be different from the buying process for a luxury or durable item such as a car.

What is luxury expenditure?

To some people it is buying a Rolls-Royce car, to others it is buying enough food to last the week, instead of a day. To me, luxury expenditure is buying something I want, but don't need, like cream cakes!

Why should you buy a luxury car?

Buying a vehicle is very expensive and it can be challenging. A luxury car is amazing and can be affordable if you buy a used vehicle. The features of a luxury car are outstanding.

What does it mean when someone says A nation does wisely if not well in starving her men of genius?

A well fed person can choose to be lazy. A starving person cannot afford such luxury. A nation wants its geniuses working hard.

Can I save money by buying pre-owned luxury cars?

Of course you can. You can save a lot of money buy purchasing a pre-owned luxury cars rather than a purchasing a luxury car brand new.

How does buying on credit work?

"buying on credit" is basically borrowing money from banks/people, so you can buy luxury items. You use it, to invest into stocks.

Where is the best place to buy a luxury SUV?

A Luxury SUV is best purchased from a reputable automotive dealer. There are buying guides on the internet which will help you to decide which one to buy and where to purchase it from.

What car dealerships offer the best when it comes to buying a cheap luxury car?

Owning a luxury car is the ultimate goal for successful people and is a great accomplishment. You can find and compare prices on all forms of luxury vehicles by visiting the site

How expensive is 'living a life of luxury'?

A luxury is defined as "something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort," meaning a want not a need. Living a luxury life is not necessarily expensive moreover its about defining your own luxuries. For some, living a life of luxury means staying in the most expensive hotels, buying designer brands and living on private island resorts. For others, this lifestyle could be as simple as buying a latte from Starbucks everyday or owning a snowmobile or motorcycle.

What are buying motives and different types of buying motives?

Buying motives are the reasons you buy certain things. Some things are daily needs and staples such as food and utilities. Some buying is to be able to do a specific task. Some buy things to replace what is broken or stolen. There is entertainment and leisure type of buying, and luxury buying like when you buy expensive jewelry.

Where can one purchase a luxury watch?

Buying a luxury watch can be done at pawn shops, watch stores, fine clothing stores, jewelry stores, or online at the equivalent of the brick and mortars. Keep in mind luxury watches are often fakes or stolen so be careful if using auction sites.